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Are Yuh’ Lookin’ Access to a GROWING Worldwide Audience of Independent Budget Travelers, Rural/Eco Tourists & Cultural Immersion Backpackers Currently Planning Trips to Jamaica?

Our FREE Standard Directory Listings Benefit from Exposure to followers in our Primary Focus Markets of the U.S., Canada, Germany, France, Italy, the U.K., Japan, China, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, India & the Russian Federation.

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Remember – Yuh’ Can Ask Any Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador, Adviser, Specialist or Expert Yuh’ Travel / Culture Questions too!


Community-Based Online Marketing Platform for the Livity’ of Entrepreneurial Tourism Enterprises!!!

Find Yourself In Jamaica!

Each Business Listing at Every Membership Level (including the FREE Account) features your Business’s Contact details, Address with Google Map location, Photo Gallery, User Reviews and Much More – including a Link to your Website that opens in a new Browser Page or Tab!

Each Membership helps us fulfill our Mission of Growing and Promoting both Rural and Urban Cultural Immersion Travel beneficially for local Jamaican Business and Communities, while providing Affordable Opportunities for visitors to See, Smell, Hear, Taste and Touch the Authentic Jamaican Way of Life – packaged and delivered as Safe, Well-Organized and Memorable Experiences!

What a’ Gw’aan Boss-Person?

Winston Irie Wan'da Luv Irie Mom Don Gor'gon
[lvca_accordion style=”style2″][lvca_panel panel_title=”Mission, Vision & Goals”]


The overall, high-level Jamaica Backpackers Mission is to increase Jamaican Community Tourism both Quantitatively & Qualitatively by inspiring the Small Tourism Industry, Business Owners, Employees & Volunteers to turn Every Visitor Encounter into a Positive Experience.

We want Visitors to feel that we Jamaicans are Happy to See them here so when they go Home they Tell their Friends that People in Jamaica were Helpful, Informative & Fun to Visit! [/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Standards & Core Values”]

Factors Influencing Ambassador Selection for Meet-Ups & Trips

The Number of Travelers registered for a particular trip or Meet-Up regulates the number of Cultural Ambassador Chaperones that are required.

Traveler demographics are very important – an Ambassador Trip with a high number of Male Travelers will require more Male Ambassadors.

When Tourists Request & Schedule Overnight Ambassador Trips directly with our Office, Male Ambassadors are booked to room with Male travelers while Female Ambassador chaperones room with Female travelers. [/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Enviro-Social Responsibilities”]

The Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador Program supports Sustainable Tourism and respects Natural and Man-made Environments, bringing both Cultural & Economical Enrichment to Local Jamaican communities, with the Primary Goal of leaving a lasting Positive Image of Jamaican with Each & Every Visitor!

Additionally, Jamaica Backpackers, Cultural Ambassadors & the entire Project seeks to increase Jamaica’s competitiveness in attracting & hosting Value-Conscious Backpacker Travelers in Environmentally, Socially & Culturally Sustainable Ways that Positively Impact our Country’s international image & Economic bottom line. [/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Government & Focus Groups”]

How can Others Support the Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador Initiative?

We welcome Support from Chambers of Commerce & Local Governments, Community Organizations & Volunteers!

Support will Help to offset the Administrative costs of Establishing & Maintaining this Valuable Community Tourism Resource. [/lvca_panel][/lvca_accordion]

Cultural Immersion Travelers generally Spend More Time Exploring their Destination – Sometimes for 3 Months or Longer, often Renting a Private Room or Short-Term Apartment on the Local Economy.

Many of these Travelers are Students and/or work Normal Everyday jobs as Bartenders, Hairdressers, Taxi Drivers & Teachers back in their Own Countries & have often Sacrificed Much to Finally be on Holiday in Jamaica!

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The Overall, High-Level Jamaica Backpackers Mission is to Increase Jamaican Community Tourism both Quantitatively & Qualitatively by Inspiring the Small Tourism Industry, Business Owners, Employees & Volunteers to turn Every Visitor Encounter into a Positive Experience!

Find Yourself In Jamaica!

The Goals of Jamaica Backpacker’s Rasta Routes Initiative are to enhance Visitor Experiences at Local Attractions, Arts & Cultural Activities, & Special Events here in Jamaica.

Additionally we seek to build Community Pride through the Encouragement of Visitor Volunteerism & the Involvement of Overseas Volunteers within Local Jamaican Community Development Organizations – be they Public, Private, Faith-Based or Secular.

Many of these Travelers are Students and/or Work Normal Everyday Jobs as Bartenders, Hairdressers, Taxi Drivers & Teachers back in their own countries & often have Sacrificed Much to Finally be on Holiday in Jamaica.

Find Yourself In Jamaica!

At Jamaica Backpackers, our role firstly is to provide a Responsive & Supportive online environment that helps Budget Travelers & Cultural Immersion Tourists Plan & Make Sound Decisions regarding Travel to Jamaica – then delivering Positive, Supportive Interactions, Experiences & Advice as an Organization once Visitors arrive!



Combined Tourism Experience

  • 2 YR/12,000+ Hour Community Tourism Web Development Project (Nationwide, Jamaica)
  • Hostel Manager (San José, Costa Rica)
  • Hostel Bookkeeper (San José, Costa Rica)
  • Hostel Tour Sales (San José, Costa Rica)
  • Hostel Front Desk (San José, Costa Rica)
  • Hostel Handyman (San José, Costa Rica)
  • Hostel Handyman (Mal País, Costa Rica)
  • 90 Day+ Backpacker: San José, Costa Rica
  • 90 Day+ Backpacker: León, Nicaragua
  • 60 Day+ Backpacker: Managua, Nicaragua
  • 30 Day+ Backpacker: Jacó, Costa Rica

Summary: “Buy Food or Buy Deodorant?”

Combined Studies & Certifications

  • Emergency Management
  • Business Administration
  • Network Administration
  • 21 Federal Emerg. Mgmt. Administration (F.E.M.A.) Certs
  • 9 Naval Postgrad. School – Certs. for Homeland Security
  • Red Cross First Aid Instructor (Expired)
  • Microsoft Cert’d Small Business Specialist (Expired)
  • Microsoft Cert’d System Engineer (Expired)
  • Cisco Cert’d Network Associate (Expired)
  • CompTIA Security+ (Lifetime)
  • CompTIA Network+ (Lifetime)
  • CompTIA A+ (Lifetime)

Summary: “We’ll Sleep When We’re Dead”

Inquiring Minds Want to Know…
It Took Our Development Team Well Over 2 Years & 12,000 Hours to Bring Winston, Rasta Routes, Irie-Mom Tourist Safety Alerts (with GPS Tracking) & the Rest of the JamaicaBackpackers Community Tourism Network from Mental Conception to the 1st Day of Online Digital Reality!

Combined Military Roles

  • Selected as a “Plank Owner” (Original Crew) for the U.S.S. Bataan LHD-5 Amphibious Assault Vessel
  • First (1st) Sailor Officially Ordered Aboard the 1,000+ Crew U.S.S. Bataan by the US Navy (yes, even before the Captain…)
  • Command Financial Specialist / Tax, Investment & Retirement Counselling
  • Shipwide Payroll / Travel Payment / Cash Mgmt for 500+ Sailors
  • Safe (x 1) & ATM Machine (x 4) Custody + Armed Cash Replenishment
  • Damage Control Investigator ( Battlestation )
  • Fire Fighting / Flood Control ( Repair Locker 8)
  • Divisional Training Petty Officer (S4)
  • Divisional Morale, Welfare & Recreation Petty Officer (S4)
  • Petty Officer of the Watch (w/ Sidearm)
  • Ship’s Self Defense Force / Rapid Response (w/ Shotgun)
  • Color Guard (Flag Raise / Lower)
  • Shore Patrol / Roving Patrol
  • Pier Sentry / Riot Control
  • Low-Light & Visibility Lookout
  • Section Leader (Boot Camp)

Summary: “Hoorah! Tip of the Spear…”

Combined Staff Achievements

  • 2,000 Hr Civilian Contract to Perform Webmaster Functions & Provide the “Look and Feel” for a U.S. Navy Chief of Naval Education and Training (C.N.E.T.) prototype Social Media website.
  • 2007 Board of Directors, Jamaica USA Chamber of Commerce (JAUSACC), Miami, FL.
  • 2005 New Minority Business of the Year, U.S. Dept. of Commerce – South East Region
  • Letter of Commendation – Signed & Personally Awarded by a Flag-Level Admiral
  • 3 Add’l Letters of Commendation + National Defense & Good Conduct Medals
  • Junior Sailor of the Month (J.S.O.M.) Award (x 1)
  • Multiple Consecutive Semesters on Dean’s & President’s Lists
  • CXC Principles of Business after 1 yr of Sitting in Back Doorway of Unscheduled Class with No Textbook 😉
  • Started 1st Business in 7th Grade retailing Comics (between classes…). Closed due to Inventory Shrinkage 🙁

Summary: “Aw, Shucks…”

Why Should Yuh’ Become A Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador?

Becoming a Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador requires No Additional Experience – just a BIG Passion for All Things Jamaican!

  • Practice Yuh’ Foreign Language Skills!
  • Make New Friends from Around the World!!
  • Discover Off-the-Beaten Path JA Destinations!!!
  • Lots of Walking to Keep Yuh’ Slim, Fit & Healthy!!!!
  • Do Suppen’ Good for Jamaica – the Land Yuh’ Love!!!!!

Find Yourself In Jamaica!

Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassadors are Friendly, Enthusiastic & Knowledgeable about their City, Selected from a Diverse Group of Jamaicans from Various Walks of Life, Backgrounds & Neighborhoods.

We are looking for Applicants that can Meet our Need for Volunteers who are Enthusiastic, Professional & Knowledgeable about Jamaica with Foreign Language Skills & In-Depth Knowledge of Tourist Destination areas.

Volunteer Yuh’ Time and Travel for Free (Fares, Entry Fees & Trip Incidentals Only) by promoting Global Understanding, Cultural Exchange & Citizen Diplomacy!

Travel Expenses for Ambassador Trips are covered by the Visitor/s and include things such as Local Transportation plus Entrance Fees to Parks, Attractions & Shows. This is a Working Vacation so there is no “Free-Time” allotted to Cultural Ambassadors during the Trip.

As a Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador, Yuh’ Must be Fully Available to our Travelers!

Dedicated Volunteer Chaperones make Each and Every Cultural Ambassador Trip special to our Guests & a lot of Fun for Everyone – but ultimately, Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassadors are Responsible for the Safety and Well-Being of our Guests!

Find Yourself In Jamaica!

Remember, it’s always More Fun to Volunteer with a Friend & Share your Experiences, so please Share this Application appropriately with your Jamaican Friends & Social Networks!


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