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Are you willing to help a Tourist stranded in your town at your Business, Church or Community Development Center?

Our job is to align the People Infrastructure – Business Stakeholders, Front-line Employees, Hobbyists & Volunteers – in building an integrated Jamaican Cultural Immersion, Family Heritage and Community Tourism Ecosystem that Focuses on Enhancing each Individual Visitor Experience.

Website & User Support (International) : Tuesdays – Thursdays10AM to 4PM Kingston Standard Time (KST) – or – 3PM to 9PM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Remember – Yuh’ Can Ask Any Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador, Adviser, Specialist or Expert Yuh’ Travel / Culture Questions too!

Tourist Rest, Assistance & Convenience (T.R.A.C.) Centers

Because everyone benefits from a Positive Visitor Experience we encourage and foster parterships with Airports, Attractions & Activities, Parish/National Government, Citizen Volunteers, Merchants, Hotels & Lodging providers, Lounges, Bar & Nightlife, Realtors, Restaurants, Shopping / Retail outlets, Transportation, Tourism Entities, Chambers of Commerce and others.

Find Yourself In Jamaica!

From Mayors, Ministers & General Managers, to Drivers, Barmaids & Waiters – people who care about their Jamaican destination and want everyone who visits to talk positively about their experience.

The Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador Program is an Island-wide Project designed to connect Tourism-Minded Jamaicans who Enjoy Volunteering & Welcoming Visitors with Cultural Immersion Tourists that want to Experience Jamaica as it is Lived by Everyday Locals!

Throught the website, Rasta Routes organizes Greeter Meet-Ups between passionate Local Tourism Stakeholders & Cultural Immersion Tourists at No Charge in a friendly, social Public Venue soon after Guest Arrival in Jamaica to Chit-Chat and Give Pointers & Advice on Making the Most of their Trip to your Area.

The Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador Program is a form of Social Tourism – Residents participate in the Activities of the Tourists while Tourists get to See the Local Life of the Place visited!


  1. Cultural Ambassadors List & Update their Rasta Routes Business Level Member Profile with their Jamaican CulturaL Specialties & Expertise, while voluntairily interacting & informing Online Backpacker about various aspects of Jamaican Cultural Immersion travel.
  2. Once Visitors Requests a Greeter Meet-Up, an available & assigned Cultural Ambassador meets with up to 6 Visitors in a Public Venue for Personal Introductions, Area Orientation & Initial Greeter Welcome.
  3. After the Greeter Meet-Up, the Visitor can Choose to schedule or continue directly with an Ambassador Trip – an Informal, Unscripted Walk or Ride through Neighborhoods & Areas that the Cultural Ambassador knows well.
  4. Visitors can request specific types of activities or “Cultural Flavors” within the area they would like to see, or leave the destination area altogether if in agreement with the Cultural Ambassador.
  5. Cultural Ambassadors share Personal Stories and Favorite Spots with their Knowledge of “Tourist-Safe” Jamaican-specific Experiences & Off-the-Beaten-Path Attractions being a plus.
  6. Greeter Meet-Ups are not scheduled for the same day Visitors arrive & must Tourists contact Rasta Routes again – once on the Island – to Re-confirm their desire for a Cultural Ambassador Greeter Meet-Up.

Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassadors are Passionate Volunteers that warmly Welcome International Visitors from around the world to each Tourist Region of Jamaica as Greeters, Guides, Translators & Social Media Contributors by providing Visitors with a World-Class version of our already World-Famous Jamaican hospitality!

Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassadors are Volunteers who welcome Tourists to their City or Region, Give them Travel Advice & Orient them to the Area for FREE as they would do with Friends or Family!

Each encounter between a Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador and his/her Visitor(s) is a Unique Experience – sharing a Moment of Time in a little Corner of Jamaican Paradise & Discovering Someone Else & a Different Culture.

For our Tourist Guests, it is the Perfect Occasion to see Jamaica as it is really known by Locals, to Visit real Jamaican Neighbourhood Establishments and Discover “Off-the-Beaten-Track” Hidden Cultural Treasures that Visitors would not have Imagined or Dared to visit on their own!

Rasta Routes Greeter Meet-Ups can be optionally Extended (on the spot or Scheduled) – if all parties are in mutual agreement – into a Rasta Route Ambassador Trip to Local Attractions plus Art, Cultural & Special Events in your area at the Visitor’s expense.

This is your chance to Show Visitors your Favorite Spots & Hobbies in your Home Town & Customize Ambassador Trips or Walks for your Guests that highlights their Interests & what you Love about your area & surrounding districts!

During a walk through the city, a Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador will not only point out interesting or unknown places, but also talk about daily life in the city and listen to what the guests have to say about their hometown!

What does being a Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador entail?

  • Showcasing your Jamaican City or Area to Visitors;
  • Make your Jamaican City feel more Familiar & Friendly;
  • Impart Knowledge of Jamaica’s Public Transportation Bus System to Visitors;
  • Facilitate safe discovery of Authentic Jamaican settings;
  • Demonstrate & Explain how Jamaicans Live, Play & Raise their Families;
  • Connect Visitors with a “Friend” in your City (You…);
  • Provides Visitors with a Jamaican Experience from a Local’s Perspective (Yours…);

Thank Yuh’ for Yuh’ Interest in becoming a Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador.

Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador-ships are Available Wherever Proud, Passionate & Patriotic Jamaicans Live!

At the Moment, We are Especially Encouraging Applications from Local Jamaicans who can Commit to at least 6 (Six) Greeter Meet-Ups a Year and Live In or Near the Destinations of:

  • Kingston
  • Ocho Rios
  • Montego Bay
  • Negril
  • Treasure Beach
  • Port Antonio
  • Blue Mountains

The Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador Will Provide Yuh’ Opportunities To:

  • Enhance Visitor Experiences by sharing yuh’ Jamaica pride.
  • Deepen yuh’ Connection with Local Businesses & the Wider Community.
  • Be a “Docent” or “Cultural Expert” for yuh’ Chosen Region or Area of Personal Interest & Promote Jamaica’s Positive Image (and yourself/business…).
  • Easily Schedule & Manage yuh’ Volunteer Commitments.
  • Work with Old Friends, make New ones from Around the World & have Fun!
  • Provide Feedback to Continually Improve the Rasta Routes Authentic Cultural Network.
  •  –> Includes a FREE Rasta Routes Business Profile for Interacting directly with Online Backpackers (Potential Visitors to Jamaica) & Showcasing your Business or Rental Property – a $149.99USD Monthly Value – for as Long as you are Actively Contributing Positively to our Online Travel Community!

The Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador Will Provide Yuh’ Opportunities To:

  • Enhance Visitor Experiences by sharing yuh’ Jamaica pride.
  • Deepen yuh’ Connection with Local Businesses & the Wider Community.
  • Be a “Docent” or “Cultural Expert” for yuh’ Chosen Region or Area of Personal Interest & Promote Jamaica’s Positive Image (and yourself/business…).
  • Easily Schedule & Manage yuh’ Volunteer Commitments.
  • Work with Old Friends, make New ones from Around the World & have Fun!
  • Provide Feedback to Continually Improve the Rasta Routes Authentic Cultural Network.
  •  –> Includes a FREE Rasta Routes Business Profile for Interacting directly with Online Backpackers (Potential Visitors to Jamaica) & Showcasing your Business or Rental Property – a $149.99USD Monthly Value – for as Long as you are Actively Contributing Positively to our Online Travel Community!

What a’ Gw’aan Boss-Person?

Winston Irie Wan'da Luv Irie Mom Don Gor'gon
[lvca_accordion style=”style2″][lvca_panel panel_title=”Mission, Vision & Goals”]


The overall, high-level Jamaica Backpackers Mission is to increase Jamaican Community Tourism both Quantitatively & Qualitatively by inspiring the Small Tourism Industry, Business Owners, Employees & Volunteers to turn Every Visitor Encounter into a Positive Experience.

We want Visitors to feel that we Jamaicans are Happy to See them here so when they go Home they Tell their Friends that People in Jamaica were Helpful, Informative & Fun to Visit! [/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Standards & Core Values”]

Factors Influencing Ambassador Selection for Meet-Ups & Trips

The Number of Travelers registered for a particular trip or Meet-Up regulates the number of Cultural Ambassador Chaperones that are required.

Traveler demographics are very important – an Ambassador Trip with a high number of Male Travelers will require more Male Ambassadors.

When Tourists Request & Schedule Overnight Ambassador Trips directly with our Office, Male Ambassadors are booked to room with Male travelers while Female Ambassador chaperones room with Female travelers. [/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Enviro-Social Responsibilities”]

The Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador Program supports Sustainable Tourism and respects Natural and Man-made Environments, bringing both Cultural & Economical Enrichment to Local Jamaican communities, with the Primary Goal of leaving a lasting Positive Image of Jamaican with Each & Every Visitor!

Additionally, Jamaica Backpackers, Cultural Ambassadors & the entire Project seeks to increase Jamaica’s competitiveness in attracting & hosting Value-Conscious Backpacker Travelers in Environmentally, Socially & Culturally Sustainable Ways that Positively Impact our Country’s international image & Economic bottom line. [/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Government & Focus Groups”]

How can Others Support the Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador Initiative?

We welcome Support from Chambers of Commerce & Local Governments, Community Organizations & Volunteers!

Support will Help to offset the Administrative costs of Establishing & Maintaining this Valuable Community Tourism Resource. [/lvca_panel][/lvca_accordion]

Take a Guided Hike to Blue Mountain Peak - 2 Person Minimum

Welcome to the Business Home of Jamaican Community Tourism

Tourist Rest, Assistance & Convenience Centers

Each Walk Good T.R.A.C. Center is uniquely hosted and operated by the Well-Established, Respected Businesses and Community Leaders in the Rasta Routes Walk Good Tourist Support Network (TSN) – located in several Jamaican Cities, Towns and Districts.

Find Yourself In Jamaica!

In addition, it can only help Yuh’ have a more perfectly enjoyable experience here in Jamaica if you talk with and listen to travel advice from well-meaning locals who know what they are talking about. Irie Mom Walk Good T.R.A.C. Centers are an important part of the Rasta Routes Tourist Support Network of well-meaning locals!

Yuh’ can find Rasta Routes Walk Good T.R.A.C. Centers hosted in any clean & available space in a variety of Jamaican establishments.

Hostels, Restaurants, Bars, Churches, Community Centers, Neighborhood Watch Offices and even in a few Private Homes of Business Leaders and Community Stakeholders that want to promote the Travel Safety and Tourism Support available at their local destination!

Many, if not most Irie Mom T.R.A.C. Centers are open to help Tourists with Valid Passports on an As-Needed basis. This means that if Yuh’ need Help or Haven and they’re available, then they’re Open. If not, then Yuh’ just have to Try another T.R.A.C. Center!

Find Yourself In Jamaica!

Each T.R.A.C. Center has it’s own available Resources and Limitations, however ALL operate with the Primary Goal of Helping Stranded Tourists Safely along their way AND leaving Visitors with a lasting Positive Memory of Jamaica & our Hospitality!

Good Samaritan Up Yuh’self — Help Keep Them On T.R.A.C.!

Most Everyday Jamaicans that Yuh’ meet on the Street are willing to Help Yuh’ anyway! Walk Good T.R.A.C. Centers just make things a bit more Organized & Efficient for our Guests.

Welcome to the Business Home of Jamaican Community Tourism

Walk Good Program Policies — Transparently Open!

Cultural Ambassador Program Policies

Cultural Ambassadors serve all people and do not discriminate based on Race, Color, Creed, Gender, Age, Sexual Orientation, Marital Status, Disability or Country of Origin.

A major criterion for the success of Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador is frequent and reliable volunteer participation. Cultural Ambassadors are required to take up to 12 visits per year from orientation forward. In case of extenuating circumstances, Cultural Ambassadors must inform the Director of Volunteers.

Cultural Ambassadors are responsible emailing visitors prior to the visit, ideally right after the visit is confirmed. In the email, the Cultural Ambassador must introduce him/herself and set the meeting location.

At the time of booking, the visitor was given the Cultural Ambassador’s profile link, but the Cultural Ambassador may change his/her preferred method of communication.

In the email, the Cultural Ambassador should stress that the visitor must contact the Cultural Ambassador upon arrival in Jamaica. If the visitor does not make contact, the Cultural Ambassador does not have to show up at the meeting location.

If an emergency arises and the Cultural Ambassador is unable to keep his/her appointment, the Cultural Ambassador must notify the visitor and the Jamaica Backpackers Office Coordinator as soon as possible.

Many Cultural Ambassadors will (intentionally) have their own commercial tourism interests and agendas that coincide with the needs of tourists – maybe you own a gift store or bar, rent vacation property, or provide paid tours & transportation – PLEASE do not let this interfere with or supersede the purpose of these Cultural Ambassador visits!

Inform. Hand out brochures, cards and flyers. Agree to meet them again on personal time after your initial Cultural Ambassador visit - but Do Not at anytime, either online or face-to-face, make Visitors feel pressured or obligated to buy any good or service – your or ours!!! Point blank – DO NOT use Nagging, Badgering, Guilt, Sympathy, “Higglering”, Fear or Coercion at any time, in any interaction with online guests or physical visitors to Jamaica.

Rewards will come – to you individually, to us as an organization and to Jamaica as a tourist destination – if we focus primarily on delivering efficient organization & logistics, world-class hospitality and genuine interpersonal concern, connections & friendships that generate positive word-of-mouth visitor recommendations loud enough to echo around the globe!

A good beginning to a visit can set the right tone. Cultural Ambassadors must be punctual and reliable. If a delay is unavoidable, Cultural Ambassadors must contact their visitors immediately – no excuses!

Cultural Ambassadors are responsible for providing visitors with public meeting locations that are easy for non-locals to find. Cultural Ambassadors are also responsible for providing clear directions and approximate travel time to meeting locations. During the visit, Cultural Ambassadors and visitors must stay in public spaces.

A visit includes no more than 6 friends or family members (including all children) who are traveling together. Furthermore, there must be at least 1 member of the visitor group who is 18 years of age or older. If additional people arrive, the Cultural Ambassador must refuse to take the group. The Cultural Ambassador may offer instead to talk about things for them to see and do during the visitors’ stay. Be helpful, but do not take out more than 6 visitors. Please Note: Friends, spouses and significant others who are not also Cultural Ambassadors themselves, may not & must not accompany assigned Cultural Ambassadors on visits.

Because recognition of our organization is important, we ask all Cultural Ambassadors to wear their Cultural Ambassador apparel & insignia throughout the visit. Rasta Routes, Jamaica Backpackers & Cultural Ambassador shirts, name badges, buttons, etc. may be used only while on a prearranged Cultural Ambassador visit or other activity organized or cleared by this office.

Rasta Routes encourages the use of public transportation where practical. We ask that Cultural Ambassadors show visitors (street smart & able-bodied...) how to use Jamaica’s public transportation. This will empower visitors to move around and visit areas they may otherwise have missed.

Cultural Ambassadors should not take, drive or transport visitors in their own vehicle without 1st accepting that this is their own choice made for personal convenience, and it is NOT ENCOURAGED NOR REQUIRED for participation as a Cultural Ambassador, and is NOT related to any relationship with or duty required by, Jamaica Backpackers and/or the Cultural Ambassadors program.

Any & all liabilities incurred by any party anywhere, during travel or at any moment while visitors occupy your vehicle - even while parked and the engine off, will be entirely your own individual and personal responsibility – in both civil and criminal matters.

Visits start no earlier than 9AM, and start no later than 3PM. Our website states that Cultural Ambassador visits last from 2 to 4 hours, so visitors are entitled to all 4 hours. Cultural Ambassadors must have a minimum of 4 hours available to meet visitors, excluding travel time to-and-from the meeting location. If visitors and Cultural Ambassador agree, the visit can continue beyond 4 hours. However visits do not take place in the evenings. Therefore, visits must conclude before “dinnertime”.

Please try not to cancel a visit because of bad weather. Remember that visitors have limited time in Jamaica. Canceling a visit because of the weather will disappoint visitors and leave them with valuable time they may not know how to fill.

In case of bad weather, the Cultural Ambassador can either suggest indoor activities where they can observe everyday Jamaicans going about their daily lives (e.g.: malls, restaurants/bars/cook shops, stores, bus rides to the terminal and back), or try to reschedule the visit.

If the visitors wish to reschedule, please try to accommodate them. If you cannot accommodate their new date, please talk to the Jamaica Backpackers Office Coordinator. If at all possible, the coordinator will try to find a new Cultural Ambassador to take the visit.

Cultural Ambassadors are required to pay all their own expenses (food & beverages, entrance fees, transportation, etc.). Visitors will pay for all their own expenses.

As a safety precaution, Cultural Ambassadors must not bring visitors to the Cultural Ambassador’s home or meet visitors in their hotel room.

This policy applies to the entire duration of the visitors’ vacation in Jamaica and any & all liabilities incurred by any party anywhere, at any moment while visitors are in your home or you are in the visitor's room or vacation quarters - even if the visitor insists - will be entirely your own individual and personal responsibility in both civil and criminal matters.

Under no circumstances are Cultural Ambassadors to drink alcohol beverages or be under the influence of illegal drugs while pursuing any activities associated with Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador. When sharing a meal with visitors during a Cultural Ambassador visit, Cultural Ambassadors are not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages, even if the visitors are drinking alcohol.

The Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassadors program has a $5-$20USD per visitor tipping range policy.

This is a suggested and recommended amount - Cultural Ambassadors must not complain or show displeasure when receiving smaller personal tips from visitors, or even no tip at all. Don't count (or spend) your eggs before they hatch...

Keep your activities within the limitations outlined in this document. If you exceed the limitations outlined here, you may be held personally responsible for any injury to yourself or the visitor. Volunteers represent us as Cultural Ambassadors and in many other capacities. No one may contact any corporation, foundation, press, or outside vendor without the approval of the Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador office.

Due to the nature and circumstances of the word-of-mouth, social media driven travel market and Jamaica Backpacker's need to protect multiple levels of personal, business, industry and national reputations, in terms of complaints/disputes/accusations/name-calling/finger-pointing, etc., only one (1) chance can be given, under the best of circumstances.

Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador reserves the right to decline a prospective volunteer or to refuse continued visit assignments to a current volunteer for any reason whenever, in its opinion, such actions is warranted. Cause for decline or dismissal includes, but is not limited to, actions that violate this policy.

The Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador’s Mission is to Develop & Enhance the Worldwide Image of Jamaica as a Cultural Immersion & Backpacker Tourism Destination by connecting Visitors with Knowledgeable and Enthusiastic Volunteers that Enjoy Sharing their Passion for Jamaica & Our Multiple Plethoras of Enviro-Socio-Cultural Heritages, Legacies & Traditions!

This Mission can only be accomplished with Passionate, Friendly, Courteous, Helpful, Reliableand yesPunctual Volunteers that Love what they Do

Each Cultural Ambassador Must agree to abide by the Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador Program Policy and sign at the end of this or a similar document.

I agree to uphold Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador Values and Mission. I have Read and Understood the Policies of the Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador Program, and by continuing on to the Application Submission form, I am agreeing without reservation to abide by the Spirit and Letter of this Policy.

Volunteer Yuh’self — Represent Jam’Down!

Knowledge of any Foreign Language or American Sign Language is Helpful but not Required. Preference will be given to Inquiries & Submissions by Degreed &/or Professional Persons.


The Overall, High-Level Jamaica Backpackers Mission is to Increase Jamaican Community Tourism both Quantitatively & Qualitatively by Inspiring the Small Tourism Industry, Business Owners, Employees & Volunteers to turn Every Visitor Encounter into a Positive Experience!

Find Yourself In Jamaica!

The Goals of Jamaica Backpacker’s Rasta Routes Initiative are to enhance Visitor Experiences at Local Attractions, Arts & Cultural Activities, & Special Events here in Jamaica.

Additionally we seek to build Community Pride through the Encouragement of Visitor Volunteerism & the Involvement of Overseas Volunteers within Local Jamaican Community Development Organizations – be they Public, Private, Faith-Based or Secular.

Many of these Travelers are Students and/or Work Normal Everyday Jobs as Bartenders, Hairdressers, Taxi Drivers & Teachers back in their own countries & often have Sacrificed Much to Finally be on Holiday in Jamaica.

Find Yourself In Jamaica!

At Jamaica Backpackers, our role firstly is to provide a Responsive & Supportive online environment that helps Budget Travelers & Cultural Immersion Tourists Plan & Make Sound Decisions regarding Travel to Jamaica – then delivering Positive, Supportive Interactions, Experiences & Advice as an Organization once Visitors arrive!


Combined Tourism Experience

  • 2 YR/12,000+ Hour Community Tourism Web Development Project (Nationwide, Jamaica)
  • Hostel Manager (San José, Costa Rica)
  • Hostel Bookkeeper (San José, Costa Rica)
  • Hostel Tour Sales (San José, Costa Rica)
  • Hostel Front Desk (San José, Costa Rica)
  • Hostel Handyman (San José, Costa Rica)
  • Hostel Handyman (Mal País, Costa Rica)
  • 90 Day+ Backpacker: San José, Costa Rica
  • 90 Day+ Backpacker: León, Nicaragua
  • 60 Day+ Backpacker: Managua, Nicaragua
  • 30 Day+ Backpacker: Jacó, Costa Rica

Summary: “Buy Food or Buy Deodorant?”

Combined Studies & Certifications

  • Emergency Management
  • Business Administration
  • Network Administration
  • 21 Federal Emerg. Mgmt. Administration (F.E.M.A.) Certs
  • 9 Naval Postgrad. School – Certs. for Homeland Security
  • Red Cross First Aid Instructor (Expired)
  • Microsoft Cert’d Small Business Specialist (Expired)
  • Microsoft Cert’d System Engineer (Expired)
  • Cisco Cert’d Network Associate (Expired)
  • CompTIA Security+ (Lifetime)
  • CompTIA Network+ (Lifetime)
  • CompTIA A+ (Lifetime)

Summary: “We’ll Sleep When We’re Dead”

Inquiring Minds Want to Know…
It Took Our Development Team Well Over 2 Years & 12,000 Hours to Bring Winston, Rasta Routes, Irie-Mom Tourist Safety Alerts (with GPS Tracking) & the Rest of the JamaicaBackpackers Community Tourism Network from Mental Conception to the 1st Day of Online Digital Reality!

Combined Military Roles

  • Selected as a “Plank Owner” (Original Crew) for the U.S.S. Bataan LHD-5 Amphibious Assault Vessel
  • First (1st) Sailor Officially Ordered Aboard the 1,000+ Crew U.S.S. Bataan by the US Navy (yes, even before the Captain…)
  • Command Financial Specialist / Tax, Investment & Retirement Counselling
  • Shipwide Payroll / Travel Payment / Cash Mgmt for 500+ Sailors
  • Safe (x 1) & ATM Machine (x 4) Custody + Armed Cash Replenishment
  • Damage Control Investigator ( Battlestation )
  • Fire Fighting / Flood Control ( Repair Locker 8)
  • Divisional Training Petty Officer (S4)
  • Divisional Morale, Welfare & Recreation Petty Officer (S4)
  • Petty Officer of the Watch (w/ Sidearm)
  • Ship’s Self Defense Force / Rapid Response (w/ Shotgun)
  • Color Guard (Flag Raise / Lower)
  • Shore Patrol / Roving Patrol
  • Pier Sentry / Riot Control
  • Low-Light & Visibility Lookout
  • Section Leader (Boot Camp)

Summary: “Hoorah! Tip of the Spear…”

Combined Staff Achievements

  • 2,000 Hr Civilian Contract to Perform Webmaster Functions & Provide the “Look and Feel” for a U.S. Navy Chief of Naval Education and Training (C.N.E.T.) prototype Social Media website.
  • 2007 Board of Directors, Jamaica USA Chamber of Commerce (JAUSACC), Miami, FL.
  • 2005 New Minority Business of the Year, U.S. Dept. of Commerce – South East Region
  • Letter of Commendation – Signed & Personally Awarded by a Flag-Level Admiral
  • 3 Add’l Letters of Commendation + National Defense & Good Conduct Medals
  • Junior Sailor of the Month (J.S.O.M.) Award (x 1)
  • Multiple Consecutive Semesters on Dean’s & President’s Lists
  • CXC Principles of Business after 1 yr of Sitting in Back Doorway of Unscheduled Class with No Textbook 😉
  • Started 1st Business in 7th Grade retailing Comics (between classes…). Closed due to Inventory Shrinkage 🙁

Summary: “Aw, Shucks…”

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