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Montego Bay, also known as “MoBay”, is considered the Tourist Capital of Jamaica and is one of the most famous Vacation Getaways in the world.

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East of Montego Bay is Falmouth, one of the best preserved Historical Towns in the Caribbean and capital of the parish of Trelawny, famous for Rum, Sugarcane and being birthplace of sprinter Usain Bolt.

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Lucea is capital of the small but Scenic parish of Hanover, located in the North-West corner of the island, with much of the land Rural and Agricultural.

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In the center of Jamaica’s north coast lies Ocho Rios, or “Ochie”, once a busy fishing village but now a Major Tourist Destination equal distance from Kingston and Montego Bay, so it is easy to get here from the airports too.

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With little commercial tourism and chain resorts, budget friendly Port Antonio is both Backpacker and Eco-Friendly with empty beaches and a more Low-Key feel with something to offer every type of traveler.

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Port Maria is capital of St. Mary parish which features several Great Houses, Historic Buildings and Ruins, & produces a large variety of agricultural produce such as Bananas, Coconuts, Citrus, Cocoa, Coffee & Breadfruit.

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Find Yuh'self In Jamaica!

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Negril is one of Jamaica’s most appealing tourist destinations west of Montego Bay, with it’s Seven Mile Beach stretch of pure white sand and crystal blue water, featuring some of the most picturesque sunsets on the planet!

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Treasure Beach is a community based tourism destination on the South Coast, like no other place in Jamaica, having a six-mile stretch of black and coral-colored beaches called Frenchman’s Bay that is the heart of the area.

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Mandeville is the capital of Manchester parish, a mountainous area with a cooler climate than other parts of Jamaica and panoramic views of the surrounding region due to elevation about 2,000 feet above sea level.

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May Pen is the capital of the mainly flat parish of Clarendon, where crops like Sugar Cane, Tobacco and Cotton – and also the location of the famous Milk River Bath and some fascinating cave systems, in particular the Jackson\’s Bay Caves.

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The capital city of Kingston is the Business, Cultural & Industrial hub of the nation – both a City & Parish, with a busy commercial seaport reflecting its status as the World’s 7th Largest Natural Harbor – a vital center for Jamaican Sports & Entertainment.

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The Blue Mountains National Park is 300 square miles (780 km²) that houses and protects 1,000\’s of tree and fern species and rare animals – & a UNESCO World Heritage Site, up one of the steepest general gradients in the world to the highest peak at 2256 m (7402 ft), where from on a clear morning you can see all the way to Cuba!

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Morant Bay is capital of St. Thomas, Jamaica\’s most eastern parish, located at the far end of the south coast, mostly rural with many factories and the main industry is Agriculture, including Bananas, Coconuts, Sugar Cane & Dairy.

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The city called Spanish Town, named “St. Jago del la Vago” by the Spanish, was the original capital for Jamaica, until 1872 when the capital was changed to Kingston. Spanish Town is an important industrial center, 2nd only to Kingston.

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Many Cultural Tourists & Independent Travelers consider Kingston, the Blue Mountains, Treasure Beach, Port Antonio, Ocho Rios, Negril and Montego Bay as must-see Backpacker Destinations in Jamaica!

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After seeing the Island for the first time and describing it as “the Fairest Island that Eyes have Beheld”, Christopher Columbus became the first of over 2.5 Million annual Paradise Seekers that are Welcomed by Jamaica shores each year!

Jamaica is a Premiere Destination in the Caribbean and each year, Tourists – Like Yuh\’ – visit to enjoy Tropical Weather, Warm Sandy Beaches and Sweet-Sweet Reggae Music.

With Waterfalls, Jungles, Mountains, Rivers, Beaches, Exotic Plant & Bird Species, Jamaica has always attracted Visitors and continues to provide them Rest, Relaxation & Wonderful Rejuvenating Memories.

Beyond quaint Fishing Villages, Rambling Hills and Rugged Coastline, Jamaica has Much to Offer including a Hospitable English-speaking Population, a Unique History and a Dynamically Vivid Culture!

Despite the common perception associating Jamaica with Diving, Coral Reefs and Sparkling Clear Waters, nearly half our island is over 1,000 feet Above Sea Level.

This literally sets the stage for Excellent Hiking, Bird Watching and Nature Trail Experiences, along with Stunning Landscapes that includes the Blue Mountain Range where the World\’s Best Coffee is grown, with over 100 Rivers, several Waterfalls, Wetlands and some of the Caribbean\’s most Beautiful Sunsets.

There is always a Festival somewhere celebrating some fascinating aspect of our famous Jamaican Culture, so many Independent Travelers consider the Blue Mountains, Kingston, Treasure Beach, Port Antonio, Ocho Rios, Negril and Montego Bay as Must-See Backpacker Destinations regardless of the season!

To meet Local People and Experience the Everyday Culture, Rasta Routes invites you to Step Beyond the White-Washed, “Irie Mon”, mainstream resort facade and See Places where Local People Don\’t Depend as much on Tourism.

Many of the Best Travel Memories result from unplanned cultural exchanges with locals that can transform an ordinary “cookie-cutter vacation” into what we like to call ‘”Authentic Jamaican Travel Experiences”.

Jamaicans Love their Country and Love Sharing its Beauty with others, so Interact with Us and See what Hidden Gems and Unique Sights yuh\’ might Discover!

Visit Food and Music Festivals, Enjoy Natural Wonders, Step Beyond the Sun, Sea and Sand tradition for a Real Taste of yuh\’ Destination and Experience Authentic Jamaica in all its Unpackaged and Spontaneous glory!

Our island is 144 miles long and made up of Fourteen Parishes, each with its own Capital, Unique Climate and Geographical Features, and Must-See Attractions that make them all worth a visit!

Jamaica has Something for Every Traveler and Budget, with the island privileged to have three UNESCO World Heritage sites – the historic Port Royal Pirate City, the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park, and Seville Heritage Park, one of the first Spanish settlements in the New World, dating from 1509.

In 1992, Jamaica\’s first Marine Park was established in Montego Bay to cover nearly 6 Square Miles, and inland, more fertile areas of the country have been designated as “Protected”, including the Cockpit Country, Hellshire Hills and Litchfield Forest Reserves.